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If you read nothing else, read the very last paragraph on here, no shipping company does this. We were going to purchase a puppy online and started emailing to the seller, when the seller replied we got this letter.Hello Dear,Thanks for emailing me in regards to our Puppies,our family takesgreat care to make sure all our Puppies are very socialized andfriendly with other pets.They come with all up to date shots and alsoseen by our Vet before going to their new homes.these Puppies are 11weeks old, Akc registered,Vet checked, good temperament with kids andother pets.we exercise our Puppies regularly and take the Puppiesalways for walks! .all our Puppies are raised in the same home andenvironment. We are located in HOPE CITY AR with the Puppies, weare giving the Puppies away for $400 including delivery to your home.we have two Puppies availableand their names are Paige / Shannon. i will email you some pictures whenyou get back to me with the sex you areinterested on :ShannonShe is home and potty trained.She does not bark a lot.She Is friendly with kids and other pets.She get angry when you shout at her.PaigeHe is home and potty trainedHe barks more than Shannon but not to much.He is also a friend to kids and other pets.He barks when he sees strangers.I Have some few questions ?Are you married?Are you familiar with this kind of breed?Were are you located ?What is your phone number ?do you have a good environment for the Puppies ?are you interested in the male or female ?Sorry for all the questions but i need to knowthe kind of home and environment these Puppies will be going to.Regards. My first thought was, they are not from this country, no biggy, a lot of people aren't that live here, but why do you need to know if I am married or not, but I sent the info they asked for. then i received this letterHello,

Thanks for emailing me in regards to our puppies and thanks for letting usknow a few details about yourself. we are sure you are going to loveand spoil him with lots of love,cuddling and attention and alsoprovide him with all his needs. We need this puppy to go to alovely and caring and a forever home.To let you know more about him,he is vet examined and vaccinated health/vet records till date andall papers. We do want the best for this little boy and i reallywant this puppy to go to a good and forever loving home.He is verysensitive and possess the following qualities:Show original message

He do not bark a lot.He eat 2 times daily .He have been well socialized with kids and other house hold petsHe is portable babe.He love to be carried a lot and be spoiled.He love to be kissed .He get angry when yelled at, so please don't do that.

He will be coming alongside all details of vaccination , De-wormedand microchip. Since we have made up our mind to let this babe intoyour home,we do hope you will keep us updated with monthly pictures sowe can see how he is doing with you.Since you guys are not soclose to us, we would make arrangements for this puppy to bedelivered at your home address that you will provide to us. Also wewould require all your details to do the change of ownership papersand arrange for the delivery as well, and the details we need off youinclude:

Names in Full ......House address..........City ............. .....Zip code......................House number..............Mobile number.....................E-mail address.................

As soon as we have the above details off you, we would prepare thechange of ownership papers before we do the shipping registration. Doget back to us with the details so we can prepare the change ofownership papers and do the shipping registration as soon as possible.As explained in our previous email it will cost you a total of $400for each puppy including the shipping and you shall be making thepayment directly and upfront to the delivery agency so that they couldissue and as well activate a delivery ticket of Paige beforehe will be fit and approved for delivery to your home.Best Regards.My reply:As this is our fist time having ever acquired a pet in this manor we have a few questions.What is the name of the delivery company?Could you provide us with contact information of a family that you have worked with in the past?Thank You for your helpHis reply:the name of the delivery agency is call USHIP.

and this first family that i have work with,and here is his number(707) 706-3881 and his name is Mr.Leo Mecham. I tried calling this person and could not get a call back, it was some sort of answering service.My reply: Do you know how much they will charge us for shipping, just an estimate. And will he be shipped C.O.D. ?His reply:Hello it will cost you just $400 including delivery to your house okayMy reply: how do we arrange payment for the puppy? His reply:all i will need from you now is your full delivery detail now and iwill take the puppy to the delivery agency and registrar the puppy fordelivery over to your house okay.And the delivery agency will educateyou on how payment is to be done okay.Then I get this:WELCOMETO


Contact Our Customer Service Online Any Time @

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Working WorldwideThe image Welcome to Animals Delivery Service BRANCH- Our Agency is One of The World's Largest And Most Trusted Transportation Service.

This is an automatic emailing device, please call our client(s) office with number below for flight confirmation number....1

Welcome to the World delivery customer service email provider for home delivery service. We have information about your Male Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy (PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI)from:

J/M we have received confirmation from our International Host Account for wiring the urgent delivery fee of 25DHS from the sender:Tim Kallams


COUNTRY...................UNITED STATESSTATE .......................MONTANACITY................................. CONNER,MTFULL NAMES..............HOME ADDRESS......................... ZIP CODE.............................59827 PHONE NUMBER(S).........................EMAIL ADDRESS.....................



This pet will come with all necessary papers needed, But as the CITY veterinarians must conduct other tests to be sure of its health, it was done and all was fine.PAPERS INCLUDED:

Kennel Club ( AKC REGISTERED)Veterinary CertificateShot recordsNew Crate when shippedHealth guarantee


Delivery Report>>PENDINGMedical check>>>>CONFIRMEDCrate Check>>>>>>>CONFIRMEDAnti pressure Vaccine>DONEMicro Chip>>>>>>>>>>CONFIRMEDDeparture>>>>>>>>>>>>PENDINGArrival.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PENDING

REQUIRED>>>>>>>AMOUNT>>>>>>>> $400



COUNTRY...................................UNITED STATES



ZIP CODE.................................. 43214


You need a test question before sending money to this account.

TEST QUESTION----------------------HAPPY?

TEST ANSWER------------------------YES


P.S email the Customer service for Help Tips on Money transfer before making Transfer. We shall guide and direct you on how you are to make your transfer so that you do a successful and your transfer charges will be lower.

This pets has been registered under urgent delivery and after confirmation of address and charges paid, contact our Customer service via email ( confirm, We shall Provide you with the time schedule of the departure and arrival time of your Puppy

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1315886

I want to thank you for your reviews. I thought $400 was too good to be true.

I got the same email for a welsh corgi that my grandkids just fell in love with and it sounded like an indian accent who said he was in the military and moved around. He was in Arkansas and had to get rid of the puppies.

After reading the reviews I cancelled. Thanks a lot.


Thank you for posing this! I received the same email today with different dog names after responding to a pet posting on First and last time I'll ever visit that site.


The same thing happened to me too! And it was just recently!

Like today! The person I talked to asked me the same exact questions and uship said they only charge me 250 but then added a refundable fee of 512


well you did violate the email confidentiality stated in the end thou by copying and pasting it n here.. bahaha

Anyways yeah Uship has its own INTERNAL payment method that takes credit/debit cards, But just FYI Uship is just a platform nothing else (which sucks anyways) that lets shippers to post loads and then carriers to book a load and once a carrier and a shipper feel they are meant to each other Uship will charge a fee to let you talk to each other and set ur shipping up ...

kinda like a dating site LOL .. shipper sends its item and carrier makes a lil money.

So i like you include Uship on you review but its not Uship the main to blame here.. but you for buying a pet over the internet when there is lots of animal shelters. Ok u want a good breed dog..

then there is reputable dealers/people that will hunt down legitimate breeders to get you that dog you want...

For what i understand.. you didnt fall for it.


What the heck . uship does not operate like this at all . I know because I haul stuff for them.

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